Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach...

After a successful corporate career, Cathy McKillip followed her dreams and bought a small, struggling retail store. She applied her passion for profit and turned this struggling business around – growing it 10X in 10 years. 
Cathy has worked as a senior executive in the software industry and thought that owning a retail store would be easy. What she found was that being a retail entrepreneur has unique challenges requiring critical business skills and tools to succeed. It is not easy. In fact, most small business owners lack all of the skills or might not know where to find the tools they need to make the most profit from their business. Cathy believes that independent retailers work hard and deserve to have the profitable business of their dreams. She recently sold her award-winning, thriving local store and e-commerce business. Cathy is now 100% focused on helping her clients grow their businesses with more profit.
In her more than three decades of business and retail experience, Cathy has delivered profitable results and steady growth in small and large businesses. She uses her expert analytical skills and knows how to move the levers to help businesses increase profit. More profit equals more fun! 

If you need to refine your business and get down to dollars and cents, Cathy Mckillip of Retail Profit Makers is the person to hire to increase your revenue with ease.

Honestly, I don't know how she does it. When we have a meeting and share our numbers with her, out of nowhere Cathy swiftly calls out that we have a positive trend....and who wouldn't want to hear that, right?!
Not only can she quickly recognize what we do right, she reveals the alterations we need to make with an effective solution for a positive outcome. 
So if you are seeking to increase revenue with the changing times, I recommend you hire Cathy to help. I promise you will be thankful you did. 
Catharine Gaither
Owner of Daz Fabrics